Medicinal plants alphabetically the list from letter A to B

Healing Herbs

Handbook safe use of medicinal herbs

Medicinal plants alphabetically the list from letter A to B

Herbal Preparations

There are a variety of ways to prepare herbs for use. The following section contains descriptions and examples of the most common types of herbal preparations, all which can be produced in your own home. To determine the best herbal preparation for your situation, you must consider the herb(s) being used and the desired results.


A bolus is a suppository or internal poultice used in the rectal or vaginal area. It helps draw out toxic poisons and is the carrier for healing agents. A bolus is made by adding powdered herbs to cocoa butter, creating a thick, firm consistency. The mixture is usually placed in the refrigerator to harden and is then brought to room temperature before using. A bolus can be inserted into the rectum to treat hemorrhoids and cysts, or into the vagina to treat infections, irritations and tumors. The bolus is usually applied at night when the cocoa butter will melt with body heat, thus releasing the herbs. Herbs used in a bolus are usually astringent herbs (such as white oak bark or bayberry bark), demulcent healing herbs (such as comfrey or slipper elm), or antibiotic herbs (such as garlic, chaparral or goldenseal).