Herbal Formulas For Body Systems

Healing Herbs

Handbook safe use of medicinal herbs

Herbal Formulas For Body Systems

The Body Systems

Herbal medicines have been used with success for centuries. They are one of the oldest forms of therapy practiced by humans. Millions of people have testified to the benefits of herbal medicine. Approximately eighty percent of the worlds population today depends on medicinal plants to heal and prevent disease.

The worlds population, as well as its numerous physicians, are turning more and more to herbal medicines because they are considered safer than drugs. The side effects associated with the use of drugs are too numerous to mention. Drug companies are being sued constantly and settle out of court to prevent publicity.

Americans are becoming educated and more involved in their own health. We as individuals realize we have to take responsibility for our own health. Drugs will not heal the body—they just cause more problems and suppress the disease further in the system. Good health comes through learning more about diet, herbs, vitamins, minerals, and supplements that protect as well as help the body heal itself.

Currently, and in the past, doctors have said that herbs are unscientific, primitive, unproven, ineffective, possibly dangerous and do not have a place in our society today. This can no longer be said. There is now evidence of the validity of herbal medicine.

Science can now prove why herbs work to help the body heal itself. They are natural and do not cause side effects. When used with knowledge and guidance herbs strengthen, clean, nourish and stimulate body functions, and even prevent disease. We now know why the herbs work to heal the body. The following subsections give a brief overview of each of the body s systems along with the various disorders that commonly affect these systems, as well as herbal and nutritional supplements used to treat these disorders.